Tuesday, July 7, 2009

get paid to read sms and spice up your mobile

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An interesting new mobile revenue-share service caught my eye today, not only because it’s a new approach to mobile marketing, but also because it seems to solve a huge problem with SMS marketing as a whole. Consumers hate spam, especially on their mobile phones, and while waiting for the user to text in to show interest might be a solution, it reduces the amount of exposure a mobile advertising campaign should get.

  • Get paid to read sms at your convenient time.
  • Designed only for indians.
  • No investment.Guaranteed payment.
  • Pays your mobile bill automatically.
  • No maximum limit for income.

How does it actually work?

It works by sending you advertisements in the form of SMS to your mobile phone. The adverts will consist of offers, vouchers, news and more. These adverts will be related to areas of your interest that you specify during sign-up. Also, you will receive these only in the timings that you specify. You can refer your friends to become a part of your network. You will get paid for the adverts that you and your friends receive.

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Mor money making opportunities will be added as and when available.

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